About The Founder – Yuri Studin

Yuri Studin has been a leader in youth soccer in Ontario and Canada for the last 40 years.

Born in the famous port city of Odessa, Yuri grew up watching and even ballboying for his hometown FC Chernomorets in the prestigious Soviet Premier League.

Yuri immigrated to Canada in 1976 – first Hamilton and then Toronto. His wife Sima is a former Soviet Master of Sport in rhythmic gymnastics, and heads Aspirals Gymnastics Centre, which has produced many elite provincial, national and international-level gymnasts over the last several decades.

Yuri trained his first-born son, Irvin, as an eventual top-tier Canadian player, scholar-athlete and Rhodes Scholar. In the process, Yuri began as assistant coach of the legendary Armourdale Soccer Club team that, under the leadership of Jacob Jacobi, won five straight North York Soccer League titles, five straight League Cups, five straight League Playoffs, one Super Cup, and two Ontario Cup silver medals.

As a keen observer of Canada and Canadian culture, Yuri has always admired and loved his new country, but lamented – not without a great sense of humour – the absence of a serious footballing culture in his adopted country, the absence of a professional national league, and the absence of professionalism in youth football coaching.

He started with the last proposition as his core mission when he founded Spartacus in the mid-1990s. Under his leadership, Spartacus has proudly and diligently produced a large number of elite soccer players at the international, national and university levels, and has developed numerous top-level coaches who have delivered championship teams at all ages.

Today, Yuri and Sima live in Toronto – proud parents and grandparents. 

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